DIY Lace Collar

     Hey guys! If you're tired of the same plain old tops why not spiffy it up with a little lace or any other type of printed fabric. Ill show you the simple steps to achieve this look.

Step 1: Supplies

Collared Shirt – You can find these anywhere at your local thrift store or department store or any old unworn collared top laying around.
+ Lace Fabric/or Patterned fabric – Can be found at your local crafting store. (I used fabric from an old lace top I rarely wore)
+ Fabric Glue
+ Hot Glue Gun (optional if you do not have fabric glue)
+ Fabric Needles
+ Small Paint Brush (for fabric glue)

Step 2: Outline & Cut
1I start by placing your fabric pieces across the collar
2I next, begin cutting along the sides of the fabric tracing the front part of the collar
3I as you’re doing this, pin as you cut so the fabric will stay in place. This will give you an even cut as you finish.
4I Make sure the lace is just a tad bit long enough to wrap around the back of the collar and pin that as well.
Step:3 Continue Cutting 
1I after cutting out the lace for the first side, you can begin to take out the pins and do the opposite side. 
2I next place the cut out lace on top of a new piece of fabric
3I begin to pin the cut out collar in place on top of the new fabric
4I Snip, Snip! Carefully cut it out.
Step 4: It's time to glue!

1I next you will need your paintbrush to begin spreading the fabric glue on the collar of the shirt (instead of directly on the lace)
2I apply pressure as you are gluing
3I Since the glue might still be wet (or hot if using hot glue gun), to avoid a mess, apply pressure with a paper towel.
Step 5: Don't forget the back of the collar!
1I don’t forget the back of the collar!
2I lastly measure and cut out a small piece for the back and glue and apply pressure.
3I Let dry for 15 minutes and place a heavy book on top to add additional pressure.
Step 6: You're finished!
+ Washing Information – If washing let air dry.
+ Wear it like it is or throw your favorite sweater over it and you're good to go! Enjoy!

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