Gallery Wall & Wall Art Round Up

    Hey guys! I have been dying for a gallery wall in my room and i have finally decided to make one! A gallery wall adds so much to a room and makes it look very sophisticated and artsy! Its a nice way of showing pieces that you really love (personal photos/memorable trips/or anything that you particularly fancy) Ill be showing you how to put together your own and show you places to find your very own pieces of art work for it!

1l You don't have to have a giant wall gallery! Smaller ones are just as adorable! If you aren't really sure where start off, start small and work your way to a larger gallery. It depends on the art pieces you are going for and what looks best in your area. Start by looking for art that you like or personal photos that you'd like to use. All the art that i used is free and found through Pinterest. Mix it up! Use lettering with colored pieces, photos, illustrations, or black and white with color (like i did). It all depends on what you fancy. These type of pieces all have a home in your gallery wall. Ill link some of the free art i used and found down below!
2l Frames! You can't forget about these! Your frames accentuate and draw attention to the art. Most of the frames shown here are all thrifted! Forage through your local thrift stores or goodwill, you are bound to find some! If you are looking for more of a clean look try sticking with the same colored frames. Or mix it up with different colors, spray paint them any color you like, it all depends on what you're going for.You can also mix and match frames like i did. 

3l Next, you'll need to map out where you'd like your different pieces to go. It doesn't have to be perfect! Before placing my art on the walls i arranged the frames on the floor so i could get a better idea on how i wanted them. Take a few snaps with your phone of the different ways you've arranged them until you decide on which one you really like. (Took me 3 different ways before i decided! lol) You can also use painters tape to outline the frames and place on the wall beforehand.   

4l Time to place them on the wall! Now that you've decided on your layout you can begin nailing them up. Don't forget to make sure their straight! Since i didn't have a leveler i downloaded one from the Apple store which worked just as good! Ta-da you're finished! Stand back and take a look at your new little artsy gallery wall! Enjoy! 

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