VNYL unboxing:May

       Hey guys! So if you are looking to expand your vinyl collection you have got to take a look at vnyl. This was my first Vnyl shipment and i was so excited. I have about 12 records and i was really looking forward to grow so i decided to try out a "netflix for vnyl." And i love it! You can sign up for 1 to 9 records a month. I decided to go for the 3 records a month. I love it because an actual person curates it for you. The curator picks 3 albums based on your own taste in music through your profile and a vibe you select before checking out. They also leave you a personal little note from your curator.
      The vibe i chose this month was #Autolux. I had never heard of the band but i was interested in a lot of new music. I received Autolux/Pussy's Dead (lol), Sonic Youth/Battery Park Live (omg score!), and Tears for Fears/Ready boy & Girls? Overall, i loved all my albums. I was familiar with the last 2 bands but never really had listened to them that much before. All albums had a synth/electronic/post-punk type of sound that i really enjoyed and is totally danceable, I'm excited to see what i will receive next month!

Autolux Pussy's Dead 
Sonic Youth Battery Park, nyc
Tears For Fears Ready Boy & Girls?

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