VNYL unboxing:May

       Hey guys! So if you are looking to expand your vinyl collection you have got to take a look at vnyl. This was my first Vnyl shipment and i was so excited. I have about 12 records and i was really looking forward to grow so i decided to try out a "netflix for vnyl." And i love it! You can sign up for 1 to 9 records a month. I decided to go for the 3 records a month. I love it because an actual person curates it for you. The curator picks 3 albums based on your own taste in music through your profile and a vibe you select before checking out. They also leave you a personal little note from your curator.


Printable 2016 Calendar

     Hey guys! Its a new year! And everyone needs a new updated calendar so i decided to make a simple/minimalist one! I found these cute little graphics on Pinterest by We Lived Happily Ever After. I thought they would look adorable on a calendar. You can just print this bad boy out and then place it on a cute little clip board (like i did), place it in a frame and hang it, or just place it on your desk somewhere. The clip board I'm using was bought in the dollar section at Target. Here's something similarYou can download it hereEnjoy! :)
Graphics used were created by We Lived Happily Ever After, they can be found here!


Gingerbread Men & Sugar Cookies

     Hey guys! Christmas is almost here! Three days to be exact and my sister and i decided to make gingerbread men and sugar cookies! This is my first time making gingerbread men and so far i don't think they'll turn out that bad (fingers crossed) but this is my second time making sugar cookies and i decided to throw some food coloring in to give them more of a festive look. Both of the recipes i used were found from Pinterest. You can find the gingerbread recipe here and the cut out sugar cookies one here.  I think both recipes are fairly easy for new time bakers like myself. Take a look!


To read in 2016

     The new year is almost here and there is still so many more book to read! I have a long list of books somewhere in my notebooks or in my amazon wish list i still have not read and hope to read soon! I've narrowed it down to my 7 must need to read soon oh my god books and these are my picks. 

Playlist/Have yourself an Indie little Christmas

     Here are some of my all time favorite Christmas tunes for the holidays.